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PetMed gave us the reassurance that we can be responsible pet parents while being informed under the guidance of our always-available vets. Most of the information we find online are based on Western studies and experiences. It was helpful to learn from a Filipino doctor who can localize and contextualize pet care.
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    Frankie Cu

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    Camille Hari

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    Hazel Grace

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Vet Spotlight

Dr. Rotsi

Dr. Rouchelle "Rotsi" Alonte brings more than 11 years of experience in canine and feline medicine. After graduating from the College of Veterinary Medicine from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos, she has worked with various small clinics, was a former resident veterinarian at a teaching hospital, and is also an advocate of canine/feline acupuncture.

Dr. Ken

A veterinarian surgeon at Furpet'sake Veterinary Clinic in Iligan City, Keeno "Ken" Ian Moralde has been working in feline and canine medicine for nine years and counting. A graduate of University of the Philippines Los Banos and a former resident veterinarian at UP Diliman Teaching Hospital, he specializes in soft tissue surgeries. Ken is also an avid advocate of spay and neuter campaigns, rescue, and rehoming.

Dr. Jaline

Doc Jannie Pauline "Jaline" Sta. Ana is currently a Junior Veterinarian from New Alabang Veterinary Center who specializes in canine, feline and ruminant medicine. At times, she also assists in handling exotic animals. Doc Jaline eagerly volunteers for vaccination drives and spay & neuter operations especially during her stay in University of the Philippines Los Baños.

Dr. Miah

Miah Shekinah Mongaya is a Junior Veterinarian at New Alabang Veterinary Center. She is a graduate of University of the Philippines Los Baños and a frequent volunteer for mass vaccinations, animal shelter visits and other activities. Doc Miah currently specializes in canine and feline medicine, and aspires to be a well-rounded veterinarian through learning avian and reptile medicine as well.

Doc Ernest

Meet Doc Ernest! As a vet for more than 20 years, Doc Ernest has handled it all. He partnered with PCCI as a veterinarian for show dogs and treated the top breeds in the Philippines. As the first vet to practice artificial insemination in dogs, he’s also had extensive experience with breeding. Having worked with Puspins, Aspins, to purebreds, Doc Ernest is ready to answer all your pet parenting questions!