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Each of our classes are crafted for specific concerns to help you best take care of your pet and let them live longer, healthier, and happier!

This class is perfect for first time pet parents! It will cover pet acclimatization,vaccinations, food, and potty training. You can ask our expert vet anythingyou’re curious about as a first time fu...
Having trouble with your pet’s appetite?Our vet has some tried and tested tips to help you out! If your pet is a picky eater, this webinar will guide you through causes,recommendations, and signs wh...
We'll walk you through all the basics of Canine First Aid. Our vet will guide you on how to handle emergencysituations like choking, bleeding,vomiting, and many more.
This class if for the cat parents looking for guidance on how to best take care of their furry friend! It will cover food & nutrition, how to help your cat feel safe at home, and a wellness plan.